I’m Ready to Apply…Now What?

Now that you know you are ready to apply, what do you do next?
{Miss my last post about assessing if you’re ready to apply? Read it here.}
Even though the application is not available until May, there are things you can (and should) do now. Preparing in these areas will give you a great head start so that you can be stress free when the application opens.
  • Begin developing your essays. Starting to develop your essays is crucial. This is the one aspect of the application that holds students back from applying on time. {I’m giving a seminar on Essay Development November 1.}
  • Assess weaknesses. 
  • Begin acquiring unofficial transcripts from ALL colleges attended – community college, dual credit, etc.
  • Take a professional style photo.
This is just a short list, there is much more you can do to get a head start! I have a seminar coming up called Preparing to Apply that will deal directly with the topics I’ve mentioned plus the remaining areas that you can work on now.
You can sign up for the Preparing to Apply seminar here.
Take care,
Karen Hudson
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